Business eMail systems – A Beginners Guide


We’re all familiar with eMail and most people usually have several accounts provided for free when they purchase products such as broadband or a mobile phone or tablet…even services like facebook are now supplying standalone eMail addresses for their users.

From our experience and customer feedback we know that companies require a more advanced and professional business email system, that allows constant and efficient contact with existing and potential customers. Whilst also offering personalised and branded addresses with a specific contact, department, domain or business name, for example… or

There are several providers that make this achievable and we cover them all below…you’ll be pleased to know we work with the best and most recognised services in the world.


This method of eMail uses Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express / Mac Mail and any of the general eMail software available to you on your phones and tablets and has been the standard way to run your business e-mail for many years. You simply add your settings into your e-mail program and run your e-mail from your computers, phones and tablets.

This is included in every hosting account, so at no extra cost, you can have professional eMail with your website.

As technology advances and spam software becomes more stringent with incoming e-mails, it is being found more and more that POP3 and IMAP is not necessarily perfect for all.

Exchange Servers & Google Apps for Business

To truly benefit from a synchronisation of your e-mail, calendar events, tasks and everything else that you wish to have on all of your devices, on a professional e-mail system that beats spam filters almost every time, you may wish to consider a more professional system.

For example Google Apps for Business is £3.30 per month per user, but is our recommended investment for any SME. Yes it’s a cost that you could avoid, however the benefits far outweigh that cost. Professional e-mail that is accessible from anywhere which includes being able to take all of your files with you as they’re securely stored within Google’s Cloud.

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