About Us

Website City has spent the last 15 years learning how to be the best support to your business and now we deliver excellence to our customers every day.

First of all

Our Commitment to you


Our service is fast

Website speed is taken into account by search engines, it factors heavily into conversions.


We're dependable

It is the core of our business. One of the biggest issues in hosting today is “the unknown”.


We're cutting edge

Hosting technology is advancing at a phenomenal pace. We stay at the forefront of these changes


Real WordPress pros

Our team has worked with WordPress for over a decade. We’ve contributed to core.

Website City - the business

Website City is a privately owned, family business of over 15 years, first renamed to Website City in 2007. The company is based in Stone, Staffordshire & manages websites for businesses all over the UK. 

Our servers are in a managed UK Datacentre in Nottingham and our team work remotely, 24/7 to provide you with tbe best possible service.

Website & Hosting Specialist:
Rob Stanway

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