A website is comparable to a brochure. You’ve gone to the effort of really representing your business well, with a great design and carefully considered information, then you’ve had 10,000 printed. The next natural step is to start handing that brochure out. You can’t assume that your customers will knock on your door or search a directory to find you to request a brochure.

Online Marketing is getting your website and business out there in front of your target market. Technology allows us to specifically target the people & businesses most likely to buy your goods & services, tailoring a marketing campaign (both on and offline) that is not only much more efficient than traditional methods, but also more flexible (at the click of a button you can adapt the campaign to a changing market) and easier to assess its effectiveness.

Of course this varies for every kind of business, but as every successful business knows, you must run a marketing campaign, monitor it’s profitability and then decide whether to end, evolve or scale up the efforts. remember good marketing is never a cost, just an investment!

The most effective ways of internet marketing are…

Search Engines

Whether it’s through Organic Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click advertising, people search the internet to find what they want and the very best place you can be as a business is in front of the people who are searching for what you do!

You can see from your website reports how many people are visiting your website and how they’re finding you. The difference between being on page one and page two for your keywords can be worth tens of thousands of pounds worth of natural sales alone.

For more information on search engine optimisation please visit our SEO» page.

Social Media

The beauty of sites like Facebook and Twitter, from a marketing perspective, is that they have so much information about people that can be used to target your perfect market. For certain industries, it can be incredibly effective. For example you can target an advert towards people, within 10 miles of your location, who have just got engaged. Could you imagine what that could do for an events company, florist or venue?

We can help you to assess your target market and make the most of this avenue. If you require more information on social media marketing please visit our Social Media» page.

E-mail Marketing

Do you have a database of existing customers, or could you put together a list of e-mail addresses that you can use to send out promotions? Alot of people believe that due to spam, people don’t respond well to e-mail marketing anymore but they do! It’s possibly the least invasive, most friendly way you can target customers and the best part is you can build a list any time – and send them as much or as little as you want.

If you require more information on E-mail marketing please visit our E-Mail marketing» page.

Monitoring your success

The golden rule of marketing is to monitor every single action to ensure you know exactly how it’s performing. Internet Marketing makes this not only easy to do, but it’s automated. By monitoring your activity and response rate you can see what’s making you money and what isn’t… meaning you can cut spend on some methods and increase your spend on others, until you find the perfect mix for your business.

If you require more information on any of our marketing services and products please visit our Marketing Introduction» page. Alternatively you could Contact Us» where one of our dedicated team will be happy to answer any queries you may have


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