Our offer

We'd like to host and maintain your website. Here' are the key details of our premium service.

Hosting your website

You can move your existing website to us or we can build you a new one. Website City will manage both your domain and hosting renewal.

Web Hosting

Packages: XS, S, M, L, XL

If you have a fairly usual website, for example a WordPress site that gets up to a few thousand hits per month – your website will most likely fit the M Package.

M Price: £250 per year.

Setup: Should you require our assistance in transferring your existing website to our hosting, there is a fee of up to £180.

E-mail: A basic e-mail service is included however we recommend Google Workspace to run your business. Please discuss your requirements with us and we will facilitate your choice. If you have an existing e-mail service, there is usually no need for any interruption.

Hosting with Maintenance

Your hosting package + a maintenance contract

Websites require regular updating to keep them secure and optimised. With a maintenance contract, you gain the peace of mind that your website is taken care of.

Estimated Price: £480 per year (including Web Hosting).
This will depend on your exact requirements.

Detail: The maintenance agreement gives you website monitoring and the updating of software and plug-ins*. It also covers basic changes on your websites, should you require any tweaks or additions making to the website itself.

Setup: We will transfer your existing website for free.

*This does not include the cost of any premium plugins 


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